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The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Francisco Bailón

Fancisco Bailón (Frank) brings to Phase3 a wealth of training and experience in the areas of Information Technology, Systems Engineering, Process Engineering, Computer Programming and Electronics. Most importantly, Francisco brings with him a love for children and a passion for education.

With the birth of his two boys, 11 and 8, Francisco set out to find the best possible way to raise and educate them. His search led him to the Montessori method. Francisco read everything he could find about the Montessori method and philosophy. He found in Montessori, not just a great academic program, but also as a philosophy of life that provided a solid foundation on which to base the social, emotional and character development of his boys.

Francisco enrolled in the Masters program at the International Montessori Institute at the University of Barcelona — one of the top universities in the world — where he studied for almost 2 years, and learned to apply the Montessori method in the classroom. Following his experience at the University of Barcelona, Francisco enrolled in the Montessori Masters program at the Montessori-Palau International Research and Training Center (MIRTC). MIRTC offers the only AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) International Elementary Teacher Training (6-12) course in Spain and is located on the campus of the Montessori-Palau school a state-of-the-art Montessori school in Girona, Spain, that serves over 1,000 students.

While at MIRTC, Francisco received his training from Kay Baker, Ph.D. Dr. Baker holds a Masters degree and a Ph.D. in mathematics education from the University of Maryland and is a highly respected AMI trainer. Here is a short video (courtesy of AMI sponsored Montessori Guide) of Dr. Baker discussing Maria Montessori’s book Psychogeometry, of which she was an editor: vimeo.com/79808065

Francisco looks forward to working with our team and is particularly interested in the research opportunities presented by Phase3 Lab School. Francisco brings deep knowledge of the Montessori method at the Elementary level and is excited about working with Trevor Kendall, our Curriculum and Education Specialist, and Bob Cruise, our Director of Research and Assessment, to find optimal ways to embrace, motivate and challenge our Elementary children.

Francisco will be the lead guide in our Elementary classroom. Francisco is joined in Redlands by his wife and two sons (both of whom will attend Phase3).

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